Andrea Martorana Tusa

Andrea Martorana Tusa

Microsoft MVP Data Platform. BI Front-End engineer in Pandora. Contributing to establish a data-driven culture, through the adoption of a new data architecture. Building a common platform for all the data needs in Pandora. Build once-consume by many. Solution Owner of the company's portal for contents delivery. Implementing a full governance solution to leverage security and access management for end-users. Deep knowledge of all the Microsoft’s BI stack tools; SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, Power BI. Common speaker in events and conferences around Europe (SQL Saturdays, SQL Nexus, Intelligent Cloud, SQL Konferenz, SQL Day Poland, etc). Speaker for DW/BI and Italian Virtual Chapters. Author for,, UGISS (User Group Italiano SQL Server).

MVP Data Platform - BI front-end Engineer Manager at Pandora


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Navigate Bill of Materials with SQL Server 2019 Graph shortest path - IT

SQL Server 2019 introduced the missing key feature for using graph databases features in a production environment; shortest path. The Shortest Path algorithm calculates the shortest (weighted) path between nodes. Define a starting node and navigate through relationships until the destination has been reached, retrieving all components along the way. In this session, I show how to explode a Bill Of Materials (BOM) by using the shortest path algorithm. My customer are wholesale resellers, working actively with warehousing. They use Dynamics AX for warehouse transactions. We are often asked to go over the full BOM of specific items for reporting and cost management purposes. I show you how to use the new feature for addressing these needs. I set up a complete graph databases environment in SQL Server 2019 from an AX environment, and show how to navigate through all components for every item, calculating costs, relationships between parts, level of iterations.

9:00 AM
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