Sergio Govoni

Sergio Govoni

Since 1999 Sergio Govoni has been a software developer; in 2000 he got a degree in Computer Science at Università degli Studi in Ferrara (Italy). He has worked for over 18 years in Centro Software, a software house that produces the best ERP for manufacturing companies that are export oriented. Now, he manages the development product team and he is constantly involved on several team projects, where he focues his attention on the architecture and the mission-critical technical details. Since 2016 he is the vice president of the UGISS ( For the provided help to technical communities and for sharing his own experience, since 2010 he has received the Microsoft Data Platform MVP award.


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Database development unit test with tSQLt - IT

When we talk about unit test, we are actually talking about a software testing level that aims to test a discrete piece of code. The word “unit” refers to the smallest piece of code that can be tested separately. In a database solution, the unit is typically a stored procedure, a trigger or a user-defined function. When you start to think about unit test, it is very important to define the System Under Test (SUT) first and isolate it! Unit testing frameworks, stubs, mock and fake objects are used to assist in unit testing. In this session we will explore the techniques and tSQLt framework to start unit testing in your database development.

11:30 AM
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