Gianluca Hotz

Gianluca Hotz

Gianluca Hotz is a consultant, trainer and speaker specialized in architecture, database design, high availability, capacity planning, performance tuning, system integration and migrations for Microsoft SQL Server. He has been working as a consultant in the IT field since 1993 and with SQL Server since 1996. He is among the original founders of, where he served as vice-president from 2001 to 2016 and he is now serving as president, for his contribution to the community he has been a SQL Server MVP since 1998.

Microsoft Data Platform MVP


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Data Integrity with SQL Database Ledger

More and more companies are looking with interest at distributed ledgers and Blockchain technologies in order not to have to depend on centralized control and verification entities. However, the sector is still evolving and the adoption of this type of approach could be excessive for many systems that are still centralized by nature, and whose rewriting would result in major investments. In this session we will see a data anti-tampering technology recently introduced in Azure SQL Database and available in the next version of SQL Server.

Database Administrators
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9:00 AM
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