Gianluca Sartori

Gianluca Sartori

Gianluca Sartori is a Data Platform MVP, independent consultant and performance tuning specialist. He has been working in the software industry since 1999 and has been working with SQL Server ever since. He also works as a SQL Server trainer and in his spare time he writes technical articles and participates the SQL Server forums. Gianluca enjoys presenting SQL Server topics at conferences in Europe and US. He is currently working as lead DBA at a famous Formula 1 team.



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Time Series for relational people

Relational databases have been around for 40 years and they are a great choice for most data management needs. On the other hand, telemetry data has some properties that make it not exactly a great fit for a relational database. The last few years have seen the rise of time series databases, specialized for data that has a time attribute. Join me to see what a time series database is, how it works and how you can use it in your projects. I will demonstrate how this technology enables new possibilities and overcomes some limitations of relational databases. Are you working with IOT telemetry data or performance metrics? This is the session for you!

9:00 AM
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