Marco Dal Pino

Marco Dal Pino

Marco Dal Pino has been working in IT for almost 30 years as Developer, Team Leader, PM and Advisory Engineer. He mostly experienced Microsoft development Platforms around .NET, for LOB, Desktop, Mobile and embedded applications. He is a Trainer and a Speaker at the main technical conferences all around the world. He is part of the staff of DotNetToscana a community focused on Microsoft technologies. He received many awards from IT companies as independent Advisor like: Microsoft MVP, Intel BlackBelt & Innovator, Nokia DevChamp, Hackster Live Ambassador He works for Microsoft as a Consultant.

Microsoft MVP Reconnect, Intel BlackBelt & Innovator, Speaker, Trainer, Consultant @Microsoft


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Cracking the Code: Selecting the Best Database for Your IoT Endeavors

Join us for an enlightening session on selecting the optimal database for IoT applications and devices. Discover the key considerations when evaluating databases, including scalability, reliability, security, and data structure. Learn how to navigate the plethora of options available in today's database market and make informed decisions that will set your IoT projects up for success. Leave with a deeper understanding of how to choose the right database for your IoT needs and position your business for long-term growth in this exciting field.

Mixed extent
3:15 PM